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What Types of Dry Fruits are Best for Diabetes Patients

With over 8.7% diabetic population in the age group of 20 and 70 years, India is struggling hard to combat the prevailing disease- diabetes. Since there is no possible cure for diabetes yet, it’s necessary to find an alternative such as a regular workout, healthy diet or dry fruits for a diabetes patient, etc. to stay healthy and free from diabetes.

For this, you should, at first, know the cause of diabetes. Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are a result of an increase in blood sugar levels. Since the exact cause is not known, possible reasons are expected to be among any of these.

  1. Elevated glucose levels circulating in your bloodstream
  2. When harmful bacteria/ viruses attack or destroy insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, the level of insulin decreases eventually.
  3. Overweight, obesity and physical inactivity result in the body's ineffective use of insulin.
  4. Unhealthy or stagnant lifestyle or genetic reasons.

Diabetes can happen to anyone. But, if you keep a check on your diet and health, you can surely escape it.

Fitness, yoga, exercise is complementary to health, but dieting is the ultimate way to stay healthy forever. Contrary to it, sedentary lifestyles, rapid urbanization, tobacco use, unhealthy diets, and increasing life expectancy increase the risk of such diseases. The urgency to cater to this disease is growing at a high rate, but with no possible solution yet. Favor a healthy diet and regular physical activity to prevent such risks for yourself.

Can Dry Fruit Combat Diabetes?

Can dry fruit combat diabetes

When someone gets diagnosed with diabetes, it’s important to know what to eat and what not. Since we know that dry fruits are essential foods required by the human body to stay healthy, adding them to the routine would be positive. These dry fruits are full of minerals, vitamins, protein, enzymes, oxidants, fibers and other essential nutrients that make them a good source for diabetic people. Buy Premium Dry Fruit Online to get started with your healthy diet. However, if not consumed in a moderate amount, these dry fruits can turn risky.

After thorough research, scientists concurred with the American Diabetes Association that a diabetic person can have 45 - 60 grams of carbs/ per day. But as we know that dry fruits have extra nutrients, they should be taken in limit. For instance, raisins contain three times as many carbs as compared to grapes, i.e., a cup of grapes contains 28 g of carbs while a cup of raisins contains 116 g of carbs. Increased carbohydrates may destabilize blood sugar levels.

Therefore, a proper meal and diet consultation are important even in the case of dry fruits.

Benefits of Eating Dry Fruits for Diabetic

Benefits of Eating Dry Fruits for Diabetic

Simply put, when it comes to diabetes, dry-fruit nuts can be a great option to add to your diet plan. For instance, increasing the intake of magnesium effectively reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes, while fibers and proteins can help in delaying the release of sugar by decelerating the process of digestion.

Since we all know that chronic diabetes may result in cardiovascular disease, walnuts can be added to the diet to eliminate the risk. The presence of omega-3 fatty acids like ACA and other polyunsaturated fatty acids can also do the same. Protecting your cardio-health is as important as winning over diabetes. Dry fruits like almonds are known to maintain an after-meal rise in blood sugar that can be a result of cholesterol-free radicals in the blood and also lowers the glycaemic index of a meal. Pistachios are known to control obesity and cholesterol if consumed regularly. Buy Premium Dry Fruit Online to get benefits on a whole.

The Best Way to Eat Different Dry Fruits for Diabetes Patients

The Best Way to Eat Different Dry Fruits for Diabetes Patients

You are advised not to exceed the recommended limit. You should consume these dry fruits as per your body’s demand.

  • Reduce ‘bad’ Cholesterol with Almonds, Peanuts, And Pistachios
  • Cashews are Rich-in Magnesium
  • Walnuts offer Healthy Omega-3 Fatty Acids
  • Almonds contain Vitamin E and Other Nutrients In Excess

Best Dry Fruits for Diabetes Patients

 Dry Fruits Quantity Calories Proteins Fats CHO CAL Fiber Iron GI Potassium
Raisins ½ cup 217 2.2 g 0.3 g 57 g 36 mg 2.7 g 1.5 g 54-66 543 mg
Almonds 1 cup 529 20 g 45 g 20 g 242.9 mg 11g 3.7 mg 0 648.6 mg
Pistachios 100g 562 20 g 45 g 28 g 105 mg 10g 3.9 mg 15 1025 mg
Walnuts 100g 654 15 g 65 g 14 g 98 mg 7g 2.9 mg 0 441 mg
Cashews 100g 553 18 g 44 g 30 g 37 mg 3.3 g 6.7 mg 22 660 mg

Intake of these dry fruits in recommended amounts regularly will make a perfect meal for diabetics. Derive the maximum nutritional value of these nuts to stay fit and healthy even if you are diabetic.